Friday, 26 July 2013

40 things that make me happy!

Because I am making the choice to really enjoy my life after 40, I have decided to post a list of 40 things that make me happy.
I hope you all enjoy getting to know me just a little bit better!
1. This guy right here.
See? He makes me really happy!
2. Pop-corn. I LOVE pop-corn! It's kinda embarrassing really, but whenever we go to a movie, I order a large pop-corn and eat the whole thing by myself! I just sit there and shovel it into my mouth, fistfuls at a time. Jason finds it slightly disgusting, but what can I say? I  LOVE pop-corn!
3. Kittens.
4. Watching my beautiful girl swim the butterfly.
5. When people comment on my blog! I've only had two people comment so far.......ok, well actually only one, 'cause one of the comments was mine so that doesn't really count, and if I was being perfectly honest I would have to admit the other comment was from my sister-in-law and that was only because I asked her too, but in my defense it was because I wanted to make sure that the comment thing worked because I had a few people tell me that it didn't work when they tried. But, if people were to comment on my blog, it would make me happy! :)
6. Disneyland!

LOVE Disneyland! It is the happiest place on earth! And I will go there again!
(I think I may retire there and be the Fairy God-mother!)
7. Mickey Mouse!

 8. Home-made soup. I could eat it every day. In fact, if I have left-over soup,
I eat it for breakfast!
9. Reading a good book. I LOVE Jan Karon's Mitford series. I feel like I know those people. If I could, I would invite them over for dinner.
(I would have Father Tim bring a ham!)
10. This Bible verse.......
Psalm 37:4
Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.
This has always been my favorite verse, but let me tell you, I have learned a lot about this verse over the past few years. I could probably preach a sermon on it.
 (Maybe someday I will!)
11. Hearing my family going about their day humming or whistling one of my songs.
Actually, I have to share this....
Ok. So Jacob is at Camp Chestermere for two weeks this summer. He came home for the weekend and informed me that he was trying to play one of my songs on someone's guitar, for some of the kids there. (He knows a few chords.) He was playing Beautiful Lady, a song I wrote for my sister-in-law's wedding. It has always been one of his favorites of mine, and while I'm pretty sure it was to impress the girls....."Beautiful Lady".......I get it! still made my heart melt! He asked me to help him out with it and he ended up taking my old Fender back with him for this week!
12. Sweet Jacob!
13. ..........and Mollie!
14. The first snow-fall. 15. Christmas lights. 16. Bing Crosby's version of  "Let It Snow".
17. Although I hate buying groceries, it makes me really happy when I can buy something for $1.00!
18. This picture......
This was taken by my sister-in-law, Vikki. It was a long, hard day shingling the garage roof and finally, it is done.
19. .....and this picture.........

This was taken the next day.
My daughter and my nephew. :)
20.  The bestest, handsomest, 18 year old in the entire world!
21. Getting a hug from that same 18 year old.
22. Staying up late.
23. Sleeping in. ;)
24. Tea and toast for breakfast! (Unless of course there is left-over home-made soup!)
25. God's great love for me.
26. His Son's nail-scarred hands.........also for me.
27. Smiling at, and greeting the Wal-Mart greeters!
28. Jim Craig-aka-The Man From Snowy River.
Be still, my beating heart!!!!!!
29. Overnight company.
31. This quote from my then, 3 year old niece, "I'm feaking out!" I speak this quite often. In fact, my whole family and now, even my best friend, does!
31. Singing.
32. My Taylor.
33. Poutine.......or as my mother-in-law refers to it......heart attack on a plate! :)
34. Anne of Green Gables
35. Belly dancing. Yes, it's true.
36. This song..... Don't Worry, Be Happy!
37. Horseback riding.
38. Jukebox oldies.
39. My family. Every single one of them. jasonmomdadmom-in-lawdad-in-lawnicholasjacobalysaricharddarrellvikkieviejessicabryantemersynaustinethanshyra
40. My beautiful life after 40!