Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Me and my big mouth

Doing laundry is not my favorite thing to do, but to keep my family in clean socks and underwear, it is a necessary evil. It's just one of those things that has to be done. It doesn't normally bother me that much. But, what I can't stand, is finding clean clothes in the laundry. This makes me crazy! And it makes me really crazy when I find folded clothes in the dirty laundry! Yes! I actually find clean,  folded clothes in the dirty laundry! Why can my kids not put their clean, folded clothes in the drawers where they belong? Why do they insist on putting it in the laundry? This must be a conspiracy. Sigh..... 
I wouldn't consider myself an unreasonable woman. I'm 41 and I think for the most part, I am fairly level-headed. Ok, I may have a few unreasonable moments, but I don't usually get too worked up about non-important things. But finding clean clothes in the dirty laundry cannot be overlooked.
 Especially when it comes to this bathrobe.......

Now, I won't tell you which one of my kids owns this bathrobe because I don't like to point fingers. But, the owner of this bathrobe has been told over and over that it does not need to be washed every week. I mean, it hardly gets worn! It would only take an extra 20 seconds to hang it back up in the closet, but nope; into the laundry it goes.
Well, on one particular Saturday morning while I attack this necessary evil, I find this very same bathrobe in the laundry, again.
Cue unreasonable behaviour.
 I rant and rave to myself that I am done with finding this stupid bathrobe in the dirty laundry! I have told her, this child, a million times, not to put this bathrobe in the laundry when it is not dirty! I'm sick and tired of finding it in here! It's making me crazy! And then I come up with a wonderful solution. This bathrobe is now going to the second hand store! I think this is a great idea! This bathrobe is actually way too small for it's owner, and I have been meaning to buy a new one anyway, but it will still teach a lesson! (I'm very smart, you know!) I then stuff it in the donation box I have sitting by the front door.
Now, here's where I made my mistake. I yelled, I voiced all of this while my husband was in the next room.
My husband is a problem solver. He is actually pretty good at it, too. The problem is, I don't always appreciate his problem solving skills......especially if they involve me. Anyway, he finds another solution. He calls the laundry perpetrator downstairs and explains that mom is tired of finding this bathrobe in the dirty laundry. He also explains that the consequences of choosing not to listen have now earned a day of doing laundry with mom. The responsibility includes helping load the dirty laundry in the washer, transferring the clean clothes to the dryer and then helping to fold all of it.
Well, I freak out! "What? I don't have time to teach this child how to do laundry, today! Do you realize how much longer it's going to take me to do it, now?!? I don't want to listen to the whining and complaining about how this isn't fair! It isn't fair for me! Why do I have to be punished for something she I mean, this child, did?!?!
Well, actually, I said all of that in my mind. What came out of my mouth was,
Me and my big mouth!
This is going to be the worst laundry day EVER!
Now, I realize that my husband's solution is actually quite clever. It really was a great way to teach a lesson, and a skill, at the same time. The problem is, I was not mentally prepared to teach this lesson/skill at this moment. I need time to prepare for this. And, I would also much prefer to teach it when there is only  little bit of laundry to do......and maybe over a few days. But nope.
This was going to happen today.
 It was torture! It was just as I expected!
It was so not fair!
Why am I putting myself through this?!
Well, I suck it up teach this lesson/skill in one day. Well, sort of. When my husband isn't looking I sneak and do some of it on my own. Shhh....
Anyway, the laundry gets done. It isn't exactly folded the way I like it but that's ok, right? Right?
I mean, kids need time to learn how to fold things the right way.
And as a good mother, it's my job to teach this.
And so what if the towels don't get folded into thirds the way I like it.
It's ok.....
Deep breath.......
Don't tell anyone, but I refolded all of the linens......