Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Preparing For Christmas.

It's almost here!
When did the days go by so fast?
I mean, I'm pretty sure it was just yesterday that my kids went back to school after summer break!
But here it is, Christmas Eve!
I have been anticipating this day for months,
and now that it's here I can hardly believe it!
I have been busy since November 1st preparing for Christmas day.
(That's the day I started decorating!)
Actually, I've been preparing for Christmas even before November 1st! I started buying gifts in September, I think. I have been baking goodies, and planning meals;
 I've been cleaning house and putting fresh sheets on the beds
for family that is coming for Christmas.
The gifts are all wrapped, and the stockings are just waiting to be stuffed!
My turkey is defrosting in the roaster and the fridge and freezer are filled with the makings of  a spectacular Christmas dinner!
I am so excited!
One more sleep until the BIG day!
I wasn't sure it would ever get here, but HERE it is!
Sunday morning I was up at an extremely undignified hour getting ready to be at church for Worship practice at 7:15. (7:15!!!! Can you believe it?)
Anyway, while I was sitting at my make-up counter doing my hair, I was thinking about Christmas and all the work I have put into getting ready for it. I was also contemplating the last few things I needed to cross off my list. I wanted to make sure that when Christmas day arrived, I was ready.
And in that moment, I think I may have had an epiphany.
Here I was, preparing to celebrate the day that my Jesus came into the world to save His people - to save me - from my sin.
And I realized, one day soon, He will come again.
Am I preparing for that day with the same anticipation?
I won't need to decorate for that day. Nor will I need to buy gifts. I won't need to bake goodies or prepare a big feast, either.
 (Actually, I believe that feast will be prepared FOR me!)
But I should be preparing.
For when He comes this next time, He will come to take His children home.
And I'm not sure when that day will be.
In His Word, He tell us that He will come like a thief in the night.
So, I need to be ready.
And I am ready.
But in the mean time, what am I doing to help others be ready?
Will my friend be there?
Have I allowed her to see Jesus in me?
Do I let my faith, and my love, shine through in everything I do?
When that day comes, will I have any regrets?
Will I hear the words, "Well done, my good, and faithful, Melinda"?
Because, you see, more than anything, I want to hear those words.
And with that epiphany, I realized, that while it is good to prepare for Christmas, to prepare for a beautiful time of celebration with those I love,
it is even better to prepare for the day that He will come again.
Because He IS coming again.
And that day will be the biggest celebration of all!
"Lord, may I ever, always, be ready."
Merry Christmas!