Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Dear Benjamin!
Happy Birthday! You are growing up so fast! And you are getting so big! I want you know that I think you are a very special boy and I love you very much. When I started writing birthday letters to each of my family members, I knew right away what your letter would be. It is a story about a Bunny named Benjamin. In this story, Benjamin Bunny learns that it is very important to obey his parents. He learns that parents give us rules to follow to help us be safe. I know that sometimes it is hard to be obedient, but Jesus tells us in His Word in Ephesians 6:1, "Children, obey your parents because you belong to the Lord, for this is the right thing to do." So that means, Jesus wants you to listen to what your mom and tell you. It makes Him very happy when you are obedient! And I know that I love to make Jesus happy! I hope you do, too!  
This story is very special to me. I wrote it for Nicholas when he was still a baby in my tummy. Whenever I think about this story, I think about Nicholas, especially when he was still a baby, but I also think about you, too, because you and Benjamin Bunny have the same name. This has always been Nicholas' story, but today, I am giving it to you as well.
I hope you like it!
Auntie Mel

For Nicholas
......and for sweet Benny!
(Auntie loves you!)
 Once upon a time, there was a little rabbit by the name of BENJAMIN. He lived in a cozy little rabbit hole in the big meadow with his Mamma and his Da-da. It was a beautiful meadow, and Benjamin loved to play there with his friends.
One day, Benjamin was playing hide-and seek with his friends Billy and Jerry. It was Billy’s turn to be “it”. When he covered his eyes, and began to count, Benjamin and Jerry ran off in different directions to find a place to hide. Jerry hid behind a big rock next to Benjamin’s rabbit hole, but Benjamin wanted the perfect place to hide. He hurried down to the creek.
Now, Benjamin’s Mamma and Da-da had a rule that neither Benjamin, nor his friends, was allowed to go down to the creek unless one of his parents was with them. It was a big creek, and the current was very fast. If either of them ever fell in, it could take them all the way down to the big river.
Benjamin thought about what they had said, but he decided that he would go down there anyway. He reasoned, if he didn’t get to close to the creek, he couldn’t fall in. And he could find the perfect hiding place! Benjamin scampered down to the creek and hid behind a fallen tree. But it was a small tree, and Benjamin didn’t think it was a very good hiding place. Surely Billy would see him. He looked around, and there, right beside the creek, was a big tree that he could hide behind. Benjamin scurried to get behind the tree before Billy could see him. He ducked down quickly, but when he did, he slipped in the mud, and fell right in the creek!
 Benjamin screamed and grabbed hold of an overhanging tree limb. He was so scared! 
“Help! Help!” he called. 
Oh, what could he do!  How he wished he had listened to his Mamma and Da-da.   
“Help! Help!” he called again.
Up in the meadow, Billy thought he could hear Benjamin calling. Where could he be? Billy knew that they were not allowed to play down by the creek, but it sure sounded like Benjamin’s voice was coming from down there. Billy ran into the rabbit hole and called for Benjamin’s Da-da. He told him he thought Benjamin was down at the creek. Away they ran to find him.
 Meanwhile, Benjamin was still hanging onto the tree limb. He was crying. He thought he was going to fall in and float right down to big river.
 But wait! There was Benjamin’s Da-da!
“Hurry, Da-da! My hands are slipping!” Benjamin shrieked.
Benjamin’s Da-da leaped over the fallen tree and stood at the edge of the creek. He reached up and grabbed the tree limb that Benjamin was holding on to. He pulled the limb closer, and with his other hand, he grabbed hold of Benjamin. They both let go of the tree limb, and Benjamin wrapped his arms around his Da-da’s neck. He was finally safe!
 Back at the cozy rabbit hole, Benjamin, his Da-da, and Billy, sat around the kitchen table. His Mamma wrapped a warm blanket around Benjamin, and gave each of them a cup of hot cocoa. She sat down at the table with them, and told Benjamin how glad she was that he was safe. She also told him that he was a very fortunate little rabbit. If Billy hadn’t heard him and gone for help, Benjamin could have fallen in and floated all the way down to the big river. Mamma gave Benjamin a big hug and told him that she loved him very much. Da-da said that he didn’t want Benjamin to think that they were being mean to him when they told him not to go down to the creek by himself. He told him they just wanted Benjamin to be safe. Mamma and Da-da had these rules for Benjamin’s safety.
 Benjamin gave Da-da and Mamma a big hug. He told them he was sorry for disobeying them. He had learned his lesson. He wasn’t going down to the creek by himself any more. He was going to follow Mamma and Da-da’s rules from now on so that he could be safe.
 Suddenly, Billy jumped up from the table. Jerry was still hiding! In all the excitement, they had forgotten to find him! Billy and Benjamin ran out of the house to look for Jerry. Boy, they had a big story to tell him!