Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A Bird's Eye View


I like birds.
They make me happy.
I like birds in my house, because that also makes me happy.

Not like, real birds. (They poop too much!)
Fake birds. 
I'll leave the real birds outside where they belong.

This bird sits on my fireplace mantel.
She looks so pretty perched on top of that candlestick where she can keep a birds eye view of the goings on around here.
This little silver buddy of hers, sits just below to keep her company.

I picked up these self adhesive mirrored sparrows from Walmart five years ago.
They've been moved around quite a bit, and they still stick.
And while I myself, cannot fly, I can see my reflection in their wings......
I love them!
This chubby fellow sits on my dresser in my bedroom.
Maybe you remember him from this picture where I posted about my love of vintage wire baskets.
This little darling also sits in my bedroom.
I simply adore this little guy!
 He fits so beautifully alongside the vintage lantern, the white pitcher, and the silver plant vase.
Definitely one of my favorites!
But, I think this pretty girl might be my most favorite!
She was given to me by a girlfriend.
Don't you just love her tail feathers?!?
"I sing because I'm happy.
I sing because I'm free.
His eye is on the sparrow,
And I know He watches me."
Hymn by Civilla Martin