Monday, 29 February 2016

Jumping The Gun

I'll admit it.
The freshly fallen snow is my fault.
Because I set up some patio furniture on our front veranda.

(Oh my goodness! Every time I think of the word veranda, I think of this scene from The Three Amigos.)
(Seriously! This kills me every time!!!)

Back to the patio furniture on my front veranda. (Giggle!)
This is what it looked like before I committed the patio furniture crime.
 I just really wanted a pretty place to sit out there in the sunshine.
But, I should have known better.
I totally jumped the gun in setting up patio furniture in February.
 I just couldn't help it!
On Friday, the weather was absolutely gorgeous!
It was 10 degrees here!
And with the sun reflecting off the front of the house, it was even warmer!
So, I caved.
I'm sorry.
But, short lived as it was, it was sooooo worth it!
My husband and I sat out there on Saturday, as well.
It wasn't quite as warm as Friday, but the sun was still shining, and so we enjoyed our lunch out here!
It was fabulous!
I snuggled under a cozy blanket and sat on that bench and sipped on a cup of tea.


So, while I will take full responsibility for the snow,
I lied.
I'm not sorry at all! :)
With respect to my 6 fast,
everything I used on my veranda (giggle!) is stuff I already owned.
I shopped my house for items that I thought would work well together.
The bench was already out there, I just moved it to the other side of the door.
I was using the two crates that same way, beside a chair in our living room.
But I didn't really need them there, as I already have a side table on the other side of that chair.
The rusted lantern was a find from a second hand store years ago.
I use it in the summer outside, wherever I feel like putting it,
and at Christmas it always makes an appearance, somewhere!
I'd picked up the artificial potted plants on sale last year and decided, once I got them home, that I didn't like them.
But, I hung on to them just in case!
I'm so glad I did!
The iron mice are two of three (one of them has escaped somewhere in my daughter's room!)
 I bought on holidays in B.C. more than 10 years ago.
(They were affectionately dubbed, The Three Blind Mice.)
The cushions I borrowed from our outdoor dining chairs.
Jason made that star for me years and years ago.
It's falling apart, but hey! It still works!
I brought the tall candle stick out from our master bath.
The stumps were taken out of the woods! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!!
And the other candle is a citronella that I picked up last year from Walmart.
This little bistro set we've owned for about 10 years as well.
It's so versatile that it gets moved around a lot!
The silver lantern is one of six I picked up at a second hand store when we lived in Calgary.
And the rusted apple bucket was a purchase from a little store in town. Also, years ago.
The twigs in the glass vase I've had for approximately 8-10 years.
I was debating on bringing them to the second hand store, but again, I'm glad I hung on to them!
Next time you're looking to set up a cozy sitting area of your own,
try shopping your own home first.
You never know what hidden treasures you might find!