Saturday, 6 February 2016

Wonderful Ways To Use Vintage Wire Baskets

Oh, how I love baskets!
 Baskets of all shapes and sizes!
They are so fabulous for prettily organizing all sorts of items. I have baskets in my closets for hats, mitts and scarves, I have baskets for cleaning supplies, (Ok, I have to be honest here, they are plastic and not very pretty, and I only sort of use them properly. I need help!) baskets for books, and baskets for blankets. I really like baskets!
But I'm especially partial to vintage wire baskets.
Years ago, and I mean years ago, I purchased 9 wire baskets at a little antique store my husband and I came across on summer holidays. They were originally used as swimming, or gym lockers.

Similar, I expect, to these posted by maple and magnolia.

How fabulous are they?!?

 When we bought them originally, I used them to house all of our DVD's and CD's in a storage cabinet we picked up from IKEA.  It worked wonderfully, and we used them that way for 7 or so, years. But now that we are in a new home, I really wanted to find a new way to use them. So, I started placing them throughout the house to use in various ways.

This one houses the beginnings of a spider plant my daughter clipped from her Gramma's plant, and two of the pallet wood stars my dad made for me two Christmases ago. It sits in the bathroom she shares with her brother.

I use this one to keep our fresh fruits in.
(Ok, that pomegranate looks a little un-fresh to me.........) 

I like to change things up around here, but right now, this one sits in a pale blue painted, wooden tray.
(I also have a thing for trays!)
 It, also contains a wispy looking fern plant, a rooster,
(I was told that every kitchen should have a rooster in it, and hey, who am I to argure with such fine advice!)
 and two pale blue vintage mason jars filled with marshmallows and tapioca. 
So, like I said earlier, I like to change things up around here. While I don't currently have this display, I did have it for quite a while. I just adore the vintage mason jars in this basket! They fit perfectly, and the white fillers keep the look soft and pretty. This is one of my favorite uses for these baskets. I will definitely do it again in the future!

This is another use for them. In our previous home, I had a basket sitting beside the kitchen sink with tea towels nestled inside. Super cute, and practical!

This basket sits in our guest bathroom. I love the practicality of using these baskets to keep extra toilet paper on hand.
It's a fun way to make an every day, ordinary, necessary item look pretty!
That's always a win!

This one sits in on my dresser which holds the T.V. in our bedroom. In it I placed a candle, inside a vintage rectangular glass jar. I also have an old horseshoe in it that I kept from when we still had our horses.
 (I have no idea what that glass jar was used for, but I just love the shape!) 

This is the full view of our T.V. Area. You'll notice I also have a vintage wire mail basket hanging on  my wall. 

I love the texture it adds while still keeping it beautifully simple.

If you like the look of this basket hanging on the wall, check out this DIY post to get a very similar look for dirt cheap!
Happy basket hunting!