Friday, 4 March 2016

A Meal Plan For An Entire Month!

We've all been there, guys.
You know it's true! 

Meal planning.
Seriously, people! 
Do we really need to eat supper Every. Single. Night?!?
I mean, what is so wrong with sitting down in front of the T.V. with a bag of chips and an apple?!?
Who actually decided that we should "cook food" for the people we love?
It's sick.
Sick! I tell you!
I'm sick and tired of racking my brain
 Every! Single! Day!
trying to come up with healthy options to feed my family.
It's just too hard!
So, I quit.
Sort of.
Instead of mutinying against supper, I decided instead, that I was going to make a meal plan.
And not just any regular, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, weekly meal plan!
Oh no!
I was going to make a SUPER DUPER, FANTASTIC meal plan for the entire month of February!
(Actually, that's not true. It was a 4 week meal plan.
 28 days.
Which would have been the entire month had it not been for that
 blasted leap day
which wreaked all kinds of havoc on my personal self!
Boo! to leap day!!! Boo! I tell you!)
You guys???
This may have been the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life!
I mean seriously!
I can barely figure out what to make for one meal, let alone an entire month (minus a leap day)! 
Talk about pressure!
My brain nearly exploded!
But I did it!
With great determination
...... and maybe a few minor melt-downs, some temper-tantrums, and a pity party for one....... 
I actually created a month-long meal plan (minus a leap day).
I spent about a week working on it.
I nailed out the first week in one day, so that I could purchase the groceries I would need. 
Because, along with tackling a month long meal plan, (minus a leap day)
 I also wanted to do only one shopping day per week. 
(Talk about setting myself up for failure!!!)
 I researched extensively.
(Translation: I spent days and days looking at meal ideas on Pinterest.
And clothes.
And house decorations.
And cats.
 And crafts.
 My husband HATES Pinterest.)
During that first week, I finalized the meals for the rest of the month (minus that stupid leap day).
And guess what?!?
This worked!
 Like, for realz, people!
Now, I'm not gonna say that some of the meals didn't change from what I had planned.
I adapted......
It's allowed.
Ok, before I go any further, let me say this.
If you plan on giving this meal plan a go yourselves,
I'm giving you permission, right now, to deviate from it.
To change it up if you want.
To plan supper for Monday, and instead, decide to eat a bag of chips and an apple if you want.
This meal plan is not a bible.
It is meant to help simplify your meal planning,(and your life!) not tie you down with no room for change.
And I'm telling you this because I wish someone would have told me that,
just because you decide to do something different,
just because you forgot to buy a necessary ingredient
and there is no way you are running back into town to pick it up for that specific meal,
just because the whole week may have gotten off track,
doesn't mean you failed at meal planning,
 there-by reflecting on your failure at life.
It doesn't mean that at all!
It just means, you changed your mind!
And, as women, it is our prerogative to change our minds, darn it!
Deviate from the meal plan if you want to!
Even though some meals got re-arranged,
 (Honestly? During the last week, almost everything was changed up!)
I truly felt it was a great success!
Because I had a plan.
And I wasn't freaking out about what we were going to eat for supper that night.
And the changes were made to benefit the family, (me) so it was a win!

Here is my meal plan.
I'm leaving it as I planned it, with the changes added in so you can see what I did.
You know, just in case that matters! :)

Meal Plan For February (minus a leap day)

Feb. 1-7
Monday-Crock-pot Enchilada Quinoa, tortilla chips
Tuesday- Crock-pot Spaghetti and Meatsauce, garden salad, garlic bread
Wednesday-Crock-pot General Tso's Chicken, rice, broccoli
Thursday-Ham and Bean soup, cheese bread
Friday-left overs/wings/ice cream
Saturday- BBQ pork chops, sautéed mushrooms, sautéed green beans, roasted cauliflower,
Sunday- beef roast, mashed potatoes, orange glazed carrots, peas, turnip bake

-Saturday-no cauliflower so I did buttery apples n' cabbage instead;
-Sunday-no turnip so I boiled the carrots with the little bit of turnip I had left over from soup

Feb. 8-14
Monday-Lentil and Pumpkin Dal, (can substitute butternut squash) sautéed colorful corn
Tuesday-Beef Stroganoff, egg noodles, sautéed green beans, leftover veggies
Wednesday-Coconut Fish Curry, (I skipped the curry leaves) roasted vegetables
ThursdayTaco Soup, (I skipped the ranch dressing) corn muffins
Saturday-lemon garlic baked chicken, roasted potatoes, Lemon Garlic Chicken
Sunday-lasagne, garden salad, garlic bread   Honestly? I double my spaghetti sauce and
use that to make my lasagne. :)

-Saturday-the kids ate leftovers and me and Jay ordered in for Valentine's Day. (A REAL DATE! In our bedroom. TMI???)
-Sunday-was fend for yourself....we ate cheesecake and fruit, cheese and meat, etc

Monday-creamy vegan chickpea curry, sautéed peppers Creamy Chickpea Curry
Tuesday-slow cooker pork carnitas, with lettuce, tomatoes, green onions, cheese  Pork Carnitas
Wednesday-Honey Garlic Chicken, roasted veggies
Thursday-Beef Stir Fry, rice
Friday- church banquet (Insert your favorite recipe here!)
Saturday-home made pizza  Pre-made crusts, and all your favorite toppings!
Sunday-Chili, cornbread, raw veggies & dip

-Monday-hash n' eggs and toast (yummy!)
-Tuesday-lasagne, garden salad, garlic bread
-Saturday- I was sick. Jason took the kids skating and picked up D.Q. for supper. YAY JASON!

Monday-baked beans, home-made buns, garden salad  Baked Beans
Tuesday-Mexican style meat loaf, rice, honey glazed carrots  Mexican Style Meatloaf
Wednesday-beef burgundy, garden salad Beef Burgundy
Friday-wing night
Sunday-Turkey, mashed potatoes, turnip bake, carrots, peas, salad, buns
-Monday-leftover chilli
-Tuesday-creamy, vegan chickpea curry, sautéed peppers
-Wednesday-meatloaf, oven roasted root veggies, garden salad
-Saturday- home-made individual pizzas
-Sunday-lazy omelets, and toast