Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Easter Is Never Deserved-Jan Karon

"Easter is never deserved."
Jan Karon - Home To Holly Springs

It's beautiful; that quote, isn't it?.
For none of deserve Easter.
None of us deserve the life everlasting,
that comes because of it.
But, every year, I'm able to celebrate it.
And I mean, I can really celebrate it!
Because I have life everlasting!
I've received it, because of Easter.
I've received it because of Jesus.

"I am the Resurrection and the Life. If you believe in Me, you will have live everlasting!" 

Easter will soon be upon us,
and I'm looking forward to celebrating it with those I love best!

I've been playing around with some items in my home that
for me, evoke feelings of new life,
and new hope.
(Which is what Easter is all about!)


Muted greens,
pale pink,
and rough texture
against crisp white,
and soft lacy linen.
I just love it!

I love everything about this display.
That bunny pitcher?
That was a gift from my Uncle Andy years ago, just because!
I love it so much!
(I also love my Uncle Andy!)

But the problem is that, while beautiful,
this is not really conducive to eating supper here, which we do every night. 
I needed to find a display that would be more practical for my home and my family.
(My daughter would not be thrilled to have to clear the table, before setting the table every night!)

So, I tried out a few different options that would be a little more practical for us,
while still looking beautiful.
I loved the simplicity of the pink tulips
tucked into my regular display of white pitchers and vintage mason jars.
But I gave those tulips to a beautiful friend!

I liked this one as well,
with the muted greens against the crisp white.

But this one,
with the pop of orange,
is my favorite,
and the one I settled on.

I just really love it!
And we can just slide the whole display to the end of the table when it's supper time!
It works perfectly!

I moved some of the items to the little side table I have by our patio doors.
I love the bright, cheery feeling it adds to this previously dull area.

My cloches, along with most of my birds,
 ended up on a little cabinet I refinished years ago,
by the front door.
I just love the chicken wire cloche over top the wooden spool with that little bird perched up on top!
And the tea cups featured under the glass cloche is one of my favorite pieces!
See that tea cup on the bottom with the silver rim?
That was the tea cup my Grand-mother used when she came to visit me.
She is gone now,
and I love to see her tea cup displayed in such a beautiful way.
It makes my heart happy!
So pretty!
Also, I didn't spend a dime on anything new.
I used things I already had around the house.
I got creative, using every day items in a fresh, new way.
Eggs in a wine glass!
Simple, beautiful,
and so Eastery!
"May the resurrection power of Christ, awake in us a greater spiritual force and strength,
so that we can passionately pursue our God-given dreams."
Lailah Gifty Akita