Monday, 18 July 2016

Pallet Bridge And Walkway Transformation

Well then.......
I've gotta tell you guys.
I am just so darn proud of this pallet bridge and walkway!
I mean, does it not look fantastic?!?!?!?
While my husband, Jason did most of the work,
my son, Jacob and I also contributed to the construction.
The three of us spent a full Saturday building the bridge part.
(Actually, this is what we did to celebrate July 1st........after watching the Canada Day parade!
 Yup, we sure know how to party here in the Tarcon household! (:  )
Jacob started with pulling apart pallets, while Jason and I figured out the measurements for the bridge curve. We cut three 12 foot 2x10's for the base of the bridge. We decided how wide we wanted the bridge, and cut braces to fit between the three curved structural pieces. Then, while Jason cut the pallets to size, I helped Jacob finish pulling apart the pallets.
I placed the trimmed pallet strips in place, and Jason and Jacob nailed them in.
We worked really well together! No fights, or anything!!!
After pushing more dirt around, and planting grass seed,
(.......notice the "please keep off grass" sign......
the deer obviously don't know how to read!!!!)
Jason started putting together the walkway.
He used treated 2x4's and 1x1's for the base.
I really did not want just a straight pathway, so he took extra time to cut the base boards so he could curve them for me.
 Also, I didn't want the pallet boards flush, so we used different lengths, just to keep it interesting.

(Incidentally, my son does NOT like the different board lengths.
 He thinks they look stupid........I think he is stupid!
Ahem.......just kidding, people..... stop freaking out at me!)
And today, I took advantage of the precious few hours we had without rain,
and stained the whole thing!
Is this not seriously AMAZING?!?!?!?
Honestly, you guys!
I just really love it!
Check out some the before pics.......
This was last summer when we (I mean Jason) built the deck.
Yup, we sat out on this un-finished deck, lots!
Jason and Jacob raking and shoveling the back area getting it ready for grass seed.
Alysa taking a "much needed break". (Insert major eye-rolling here....) 

Just so you know, I, also, was working my butt off out here.
but somebody had to take the pictures!

Here, Jason is prepping the fire-pit area.
See how well the grass came in?!?
Also, check out our lovely dogwoods that we have to keep wrapped in chicken wire 'cause the
 DARN DEER won't leave them alone!!!
Honestly, somebody should explain to the deer that dogwoods are "deer-resistant".
(Insert more major eye-rolling here.)

Prepping for grass seed again.

See my daughter here?
She didn't help with the actual building of the bridge and walkway,
but she did work on the landscaping!
(Seriously, how cute is she in her shorts and rubber boots?!?!)

How fantastic a transformation!
Obviously, there is still so much work to do yet.
It's sometimes overwhelming, but hey,
Rome wasn't built in a day!