Thursday, 28 July 2016

Summer Living Space

Let's face it.
The Summer months in Alberta are just too short.
So, us Alberta girls have to pack a lot of Summer living into a very short time frame.
Honestly, I can hardly believe July is practically over!
Which means Summer is half over!
And I feel like I haven't taken any part in it, at all!
Well, that stops today!
I don't care what happens throughout the rest of the few short weeks before the leaves start turning,
and the temperature begins to drop......
I am going to enjoy every second I can, out on our back deck!
This is where I'll be sitting today!
Care to join me?
Truly, I LOVE company!
These patio doors open off of our dining room/kitchen area.
When you come out those doors and look to the far left, this is what you'll see.
These patio doors come off of mine and Jason's bedroom.
This is "our area".
Not that we don't allow others to sit here and enjoy this lovely space with us.
Our kids like to sit with us over here.
My daughter likes to curl up in the far chair with one of our cats.
We so enjoy sitting out here with friends and family, especially in the evening.
The gas fire place gives off just enough heat, and looks so pretty... especially at dusk.
 Jason and I will sometimes sit out here in the evenings, before going to bed.
We just don't do it often enough. It's too easy to flip the T.V. on and veg out in front of it.
But, that's going to change.
It's just so much more enjoyable to sit out here!
We did last night. And ended up with some lovely impromptu company!
My girl friend and her daughter and grand-son stopped by!
Vintage Coal Caddy,
Vintage Glass Canister with candle 
 Simple potted greenery
Stacked, vintage wooden crates
Antique wagon wheel
Candle stick
Vintage wire basket with tchotchkes
I LOVE using these wood logs as side tables. And the best part? FREE!

The Three Blind Mice

Like I said,
Summer is soooo short here.
We need to take advantage of every moment we can.
Back to the dining room/kitchen patio doors......
On your immediate left, will be our outdoor dining table.
(Incidentally, this is one of my "6 Things" purchases this year. LOVE!)
If it's not raining, we eat out here every night.
The over hang blocks the sun just enough, so that if the sun is shining extra gloriously,
 we can stay cool on the shady inside.
I love eating out here!

Simplistic beauty
This casual sitting area sits at the front of the deck.
Depending on how hot it gets, I like to sit in those plastic Adirondack chairs with a glass of lemonade,
 or perhaps a coffee if it's still morning.
I purchased these chairs at Canadian Tire for $20 6 years ago.
They are not fancy, by any means, but they are comfortable,
and I like the pop of colour they add to the space.
You can probably see that I generally stick to neutral, monochromatic colours.
I like my space to feel calm and relaxing, and I find I can best achieve that when there isn't a lot of colour to distract me.
But, these chairs work for me!
White-washed driftwood under glass

Because Fairies need a pretty place to live, too!
Hostas that will be transplanted into the ground in the fall
The view from the far left.
The view from the far right.
As I said, this is where I'll be sitting today.
Come on over!
It's a beautiful summer day, and like I said.....
I LOVE company!
I'll pour the lemonade!