Tuesday, 15 November 2016

How To Decorate A Christmas Mantle

What JOY!
The Christmas season is once again upon us!
there is nothing,
absolutely NOTHING I love better than decorating for Christmas!
It honestly, is my most favorite thing to do.
I start early.
Like, the beginning of November, early.
I can't help myself.
And honestly?
Why shouldn't I?
Why shouldn't we?
We invest our $'s into gorgeous Christmas decorations,
and we only get to enjoy them for such a short period of time.
So, I say,
start early!
Enjoy the season for as long as you can!

Every year, I start with my fireplace mantle.
It's always the first thing I decorate.
I just so enjoy sipping my coffee in my comfy chair
with the fireplace going,
and seeing the mantle beautifully decorated, gives me so much pleasure!
But, I have to admit.
While I love to decorate it,
I sometimes find it a bit stressful.
It usually takes me a long time to get it how I want it.
I can spend hours trying to get it just right.
I have an idea in my head of what I want it to look like.
I spend so much time scrolling through Pinterest,
 trying to find ideas that I can modify for my own space,
but it just never really seems to work out for me.
I don't have the same fireplace,
or decorations,
or style,
or anything, really.
And I often find myself getting frustrated
trying re-create something that just will not work.
But this year,
after scrolling Pinterest once again,
I decided to start with a plan.
Here's what I did.
I decided to start with the three major items I knew I for sure, wanted on my mantle.

My window is a favourite piece.
It stays on the mantle throughout every season.
I picked up the rustic hand-painted sign last year at
The Country Pumpkin, in Spruce Grove.
(Tiny side note.
 If you live anywhere near Spruce Grove, Alberta, go to this store!
 I love it!
 My friends love it!
My mom loves it!
 Everyone I love, loves it!
 Well, maybe except our husbands........
I can't tell you how much I love this piece!
In fact, after placing it on my mantle last year during Christmas,
I decided to leave it up all year.
Yes, it is a excerpt from a Christmas carol,
 because I actually adore Him all year long, I figured,
"Why not???"
I also knew that I wanted the glass vase with pinecones and glass Christmas balls up there.
Three seems to be the magic number for groupings,
so, I started with that.
Also, I like things layered.
Notice the sign is "layered" on the window.
And, take note as well, the different heights of the pieces.
Your eye should travel "up and down" as you view.
Because I'm going with a Rustic Woodland theme this year,
I decided to add some trees on the mantle to tie into the theme.

So far, I'm pleased with the process.

I wanted a wreath of some sort on the window, so I tried a few.
I settled on this one.
I really liked how it was progressing so,
I added two more trees to right hand side,
and a feathery tailed bird (a gift from a much loved friend!) to the left side.
It was a little off balance,
so I shifted everything to fit the space properly,
and added a bright green mossy thingy to the corner of my sign,
for a little layered green.
I loved it!

Also, because the fireplace is angled at the top,
I wanted to add something to help fill the space.
I added a breezy, light wreath.
I think it fits the space perfectly without overpowering anything.

Notice, there is lots of texture here.
The wood sign, and window casing,
The glass window and vase,
Different textured trees,
(Wired, candle, traditional evergreen, white twiggy one......)
Feathers on the bird,
and the breezy wreath.

Texture is GOOD!

And, that, my friends, is where I left it!
This mantle came together much quicker than in previous years.
I did not stress one little bit!
And best of all,

I just really love how it turned out!

Yay me!
Here's the "how to".
When you are ready to decorate your Christmas mantle,
decide what kind of mantle you want.
This is where Pinterest really comes in handy.
Scroll through pictures.
What kinds of mantles are you drawn too?
Do you like rustic, like I do?
Or, do you prefer, contemporary?
Or traditional?
Or whimsical?
What kind of mantle/home do you have?
Be sure to pick something that will complement your home and style.
Once you have a clear idea of where you want to go,
start with three large items.
They don't have to be Christmas.
Like my window,
they just need to be something you love.
Choose different heights.
If they have different textures, even better!
Then, add in three more items.
texture, height and colour.
See how you feel about it.
If you're not feeling it,
try something else.
When you love what you have,
add more!
Or not, if you feel you have enough.
The size of your mantle and the room it is in,
 should play a part in how much you fill it up.
less is more.
more is more!
The point is,
start with a few items that you love,
and make sure you like the direction it's going before adding more.
Oh yeah,
listen to Christmas music while you decorate!
Everything's better with Christmas music!
Happy decorating!